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Toledo Today, Toledo is a popular destination for its wealth of historic art and architecture that dates back to the Roman Empire.

The best thing to do in Toledo is to get lost amid the medieval streets and admire the old architecture that includes stunning cathedrals, synagogues and mosques as well as a remarkable old Roman fortress. The site of many historic events, the Zordocover plaza is well worth a visit as well as the many nearby shops. Charming cafes offer a break to relax, people-watch and sample local specialties like Mazap·n, a sweet treat made with almonds and pine nuts. In the evenings, local bars offer pre-dinner drinks and tapas.

For many centuries, Toledo has been esteemed for its high-quality crafts that include sword-making, glazed ceramics and damascene, the process of decorating precious metals. These all make excellent souvenirs, and many shops will arrange to ship.

Once the home of Spain’s great painter, El Greco, Toledo features a vibrant arts scene. The city is teeming in museums and art galleries while the Cathedral of Toledo has an impressive art collection of works by masters like Goya, Ralphael and Titian. A great number of El Greco’s pieces can be seen throughout many of the city’s churches and landmarks.

Parador de Toledo

Parador de Toledo

Can you imagine enjoying wonderful views of the Imperial City of Toledo while relaxing on a recliner by the swimming pool? If the idea sounds appealing, we look forward to welcoming you to the Parador. The building is spectacular and you can visit the World Heritage City not only from the swimming pool, but also from the function rooms, terrace and guest rooms.

At the Parador de Toledo, you will enjoy spacious, luxurious facilities. The comfortable furnishings combine with wooden beams, staircases, wooden railings and Mudejar motifs on the rugs and tilework. The warm and cozy guest rooms will envelop you, offering gorgeous views of the Imperial City.

Toledo is the ideal place to discover the traces left behind by three cultures: Muslim, Jewish and Christian. Wander through its narrow side streets, squares and gardens, visit the alcázar, the cathedral, its mosques and synagogue, baths and caves. You will fall in love with the city, just as Quevedo, El Greco and Béquer did
Toledo also offers the magic of the night. You won't want to miss the spectacular illuminated buildings in the old quarter or the many outdoor concerts held on summer nights.

Relaxed terrace cafés along the banks of the Tagus or tapas in the bars of the Santa Teresa quarter are just some of the options the city has to offer after nightfall. Remember, in Toledo, a surprise awaits around every corner: a garden, a scenic overlook, a square, a courtyard. And more importantly, the Parador is part of this experience.

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