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Love The City
The SEAT Ibiza CUPRA is all about thrilling driving dynamics, and it’s as powerful and sporty as it looks. Its bold looks and exciting design conceal a powerful DSG engine that delivers breath-taking performance. In fact, it’s the most powerful series-production car we’ve ever built. But as sporty and thrilling as it is, it also doubles as a practical everyday car with astounding ease. It means business on the track, but is equally at home in the city.


Pulse-Pounding Power
Being at the wheel of a SEAT Ibiza CUPRA means experiencing a thrilling ride. Its engine, sporty design and features are stunning. It’s a car for those who like to have an edge even in the city. When it gets the chance to let loose, its performance on the open road is awe-inspiring. Whether you’re taking tight corners around town or going all out on the road, it’s power is guaranteed to thrill.


Engineering To Thrill

In the SEAT Ibiza CUPRA, technology enhances the driving experience in every possible way – by improving everything from the car’s safety to its entertainment options and its convenience. The result is a driving experience in which cutting edge technological advances blend seamlessly with pure, unadulterated driving pleasure.

Fiercely Protective

One look at the SEAT Ibiza CUPRA and it’s apparent that this is a car designed to perform at a high level. It also has the safety features to match. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art solutions to keep you safe. Because the experience of driving such a sporty, thrilling car is even better when you know you’re well protected.


The SEAT Ibiza CUPRA is ready to take on all comers. It starts with the sporty design of the Ibiza and takes it to the next level. The result is a sharp, exclusive version with supercharged Ibiza DNA. And when it moves through the city, its racetrack-inspired design makes it downright imposing.


Imposing By Design

The SEAT Ibiza CUPRA’s exterior serves notice that this is a car not to be trifled with. Its dynamic lines, trapezoidal central exhaust pipe and exclusive SEAT CUPRA front grill hint at the power that lies under the hood. And with its 17’’ Barcino alloy wheels, tinted windows, and glossy black exterior mirrors, the SEAT Ibiza CUPRA’s looks are as thrilling as its performance.




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