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    El tiempo de viaje es el factor que influyó en la elección del transporte la mayoría de los hogares.

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    Empresas , agencias gubernamentales, individuos , organizaciones sin fines de lucro y ciudades se están convirtiendo o comprometiéndose a convertirse en " carbono neutral ".

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    Wählen Sie zwischen Cabrio , 5 - Türer y Coupé La seguridad vial no es sólo una preocupación importante , pero de hecho, una preocupación que requiere la atención inmediata de las Naciones de todo el mundo

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    Todas las grandes marcas de neumáticos: Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Dunlop, Firestone, Fulda, Uniroyal, neumáticos... 185 60 R15

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    Buscar , comparar y reservar su coche .. ¿Está buscando alquiler de coches baratos con términos favorables ?

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We Love What We Do

People all over the world have chosen Soulcare Motors. We are proud to have members of different countries and cultures as a sign of great usability and implementation of our services.

About Us

Our Team is made by very talented and motivated people and they all share one thing: The Love for Motors and our Motorplan program via our future Mobile Rewards Program


Soulcare is a Group of companies focused on our Motorplan, environmental awareness, healthy living, eating and lifestyle. 

Our Team

Our mission is to help people, take Care of their Cars. To reduce the number of road traffic accidents. Bring affordable transport to all, Fleet management, and general road worthiness. Vehicle sales, Finance and insurance. To provide awareness & educating on the importance of sustainable energy (contributing to a sustainable environment reduced fuel cost & CO2 emissions), responsibility towards caring for the earth and using alternative forms of energy & transport. 
Intelligent Fleet Management via our software integration management program. Safe effective transport and pro-active Road support. Education and points gain on road signs and rules. Rewarding consumers for their behaviour by our loyalty system.


The Loyalty Program in Transport:

Rewards people for roadworthy cars, their driving and spending at our various partners. We are looking for an Investment partner to roll out the program

More info on the Mobile Wallet click on the logo

mobile wallet.small

Omar Botha

CEO and Founder

24 Dec 2012 at Lizl







Safe Transport and the general maintenance of vehicles is a priority for saver transport worldwide...


We are based in South Africa with various international partners in Europe, Asia, South and North America

Soulcare PTY LTD
Randburg, 2125
South Africa 

+27 73 854 3103

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